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Panch-Mahal, Jhansi Fort

Only a few other women have ruled collective memory like Lakshmi Bai has been doing. Though she walked in life none this earth more than one and a half centuries ago, there would hardly be a person in entire north India who is not aware of her life and her time and her ultimate sacrifice. During her lifetime he may not have possibly travelled to the west beyond Gwalior and east beyond Gorakhpur but her legend has travelled far and wide. Jhansi, which was already an important town of Bundelkhand became synonymous with Lakshmi Bai. So much so that u can't identify them separately. When you talk of Jhansi, you remember the Rani and when you think about Lakshmi Bai, you always call her Jhansi Ki Rani. In Jhansi, she had two primary residences one is Rani Ka Mahal which is situated in the middle of the old city and till today is directly overlooked by her other residence the grand fort of Jhansi. Like the norm of the time, she spent her life as the queen consort in the Zanana or the Ranivas of the fort but when she took common of her state she shifted her base to five-story Panch Mahal. Panchal was the power centre of the enter state.. It was the building where the durbar was held and where all the decisions about states were undertaken. Today the fort is still standing with all the dignity and reminds us of the supreme sacrifice that the young queen offered under the banner of Bajrang Bali. And panch mahal, the silent witness and spectator are still standing as is in a mode of eternal meditation. Photo and Text © Tokeer Ahmed Khan #solotravel #solowalk #heritage #heritageofindia #heritagewalk #history #history #jhansikirani #RaniLakshmiBai

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