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Raheem's Tomb

Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin is one of the oldest human settlements in Delhi. Originally the extension of the much prosperous village of Khilokari, which now falls across the railway lines, the Basti was known as Ghiyaspur, before people started to call it Basti Nizamuddin.

And as time changed the area around the original Basti was also named Nizamuddin. And in modern times more influential and affluent area is known as Nizamuddin East and its counterpart the West is still a refuge for those who still struggle to make their ends meet.

And as if by the cue from an unknown fortune teller, the most influential and Powerful people with the grand mausoleums chose to be buried on the land which falls in the area which is now known as Nizamuddin East. The most well-known being the Tomb of Humanyun which is known as the dormitory of Mughals as more than 120 Mughal Kings, Regents, Princess and Heir Apparent are sleeping in their grave chambers.

The Tomb of Raheem is just 500 away from the tomb of his father's master. Sitting at the edges of the road which might be older than the basti itself is an oasis of peace. And as u enter the premises you get transported away from the hustle and noise of multi-directional road traffic. The lush Charbagh Garden, recently renovated chambers and niches that play with sunlight, the birds that sing, the peacocks that dance and the flowers that bloom tells us that man's desire to mimic paradise on earth has always existed. And will continue to exist forever.

Photo and Text ©Tokeer Ahmed Khan

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