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Begum Samroo

Of all the enigmatic personalities that Delhi had produced over the centuries, Samroo holds a special place. A Kashmiri by birth, her original name was Farzana - Zeb - un Nisa. She earned not just the name and fame but rich patrons while working as Natch girl in the imperial city of Delhi.

While still in her professional life, she fell in love with European mercenary Walter Reinhardt Sombre and later both got married.

Like other things peculiar to that era in India, name Sombre was Indianized as Samro.

After her husband's death, she not only inherited his fortune and large estates but also became head of his strong armed forces.

Many Decades before Britisher made something of themselves in Delhi, it was Begum Samaru who was holding sway in Delhi's court.

After she effectively negotiated the peace with Sikh Forces the ruling Mughal emperor took her as his adopted daughter and awarded her with Royal Titles and gifts from his dwindling fortune.

~Tokeer Ahmed Khan

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