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The Monument Trail - Wazirpur Tombs - RK Puram

The first thing that mind invokes after hearing Wazirpur is the part industrial and part rehabilitation settlement in north-west Delhi. Most of the people like me are not even aware there is one Wazirpur lies many kilometres away from this one. Wazirpur tomb complex is older than most of the villages and colonies in Delhi.

The tomb complex lies within the posh Sarkari babu settlement of RK Puram.

The Wazirpur tomb complex is a necropolis on a scale smaller than Lodi Garden. Architecture clearly suggests that all the tombs belong to the Lodi era and the scale betrays that people buried here were not just ordinary folks. Out of many tombs the one that stands out looks somewhat like Bada Gumbad in Lodi Garden albeit on a very smaller scales. While the main Tomb has two graves placed significantly away from each other, the cenotaphs from others have long been removed. There is two wall mosque within the premises one is larger than the other. Many graves housing the mortal remains of less significant human beings dots the entire park.

The significance of this necropolis can be attributed to the fact that it has a dedicated Baoli of its own. While the park where the tombs are is well kept, the cluster of monuments, though restored, lies mostly neglected. Neither people of the locality are willing to know the historical value of place, nor does ASI seems interested in doing its part.

There is no plaque or information board of any sort anywhere in the entire premises. It is guarded by a lone guard and an iron door. ~ Tokeer Ahmed Khan #tomb #dome #delhi #heritage #history #travel #tourist #phonecamera #past #wanderlust

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